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Hello All-

My book {Inspiration Through Poetry} is now available for purchase!!!  At this time my book is only available in an ePub format for iPad/iOS devices.  Also, you can click on the Instagram icon for ongoing updates regarding my Anti-Bullying and Homeless Ministries.

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4 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Hey Brenda Joy!!! Looking forward to the launch date. It will be a GREAT Thanksgiving Gift to all. Love you & talk to you soon…

  2. Brenda –

    Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for the beautiful shout out. Congratulations on following and launching your dream as an inspirational writer. I look forward to the growth and success of Joyful Lamentations. #newbeginnings #joyfullamentations #inspirationthroughpoetry

  3. Brenda, you are pure joy!! You fill my heart with happiness and have reinforced my faith in the kindness people still have in their hearts! I wish you nothing but the very best in all of your endeavors! I consider it an honor to know you and call you my friend! Thank you for your thoughtfulness! Your poems will make the holidays at my home more peaceful and will bring myself and my family closer to God!! Happy thoughts and wishes your way…hope your holidays are magnificent!! Hope to see you soon! 🙂

  4. Hello Brenda!! What a beautiful person inside and out! Thank you so much for sharing your work of God with not only me, but the world! You are amazing, and 1 in a MILLION!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!! Love, Tisha

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